21st birthday party invitation

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 - Birthday Invitations
21st birthday party invitation

The 21st birthday is extremely important for a lot of citizens in the world. In a lot of countries, including the United States, this is the age when people obtain the right to legally buy alcohol. In other countries, this is the age when one becomes an adult and therefore gains access to an awful lot of new opportunities. But before you start loosing precious brain cells by gulping unlimited amounts of alcohol you have to really plan well every step. Below you will see a series of examples of what could happen because of bad planning.

Thessa, Germany

Thessa, a north German teen, decided create a Facebook event to invite her friends for the 21th birthday. Nothing unusual until here, as a lot of us did this before. Unfortunately, she forgot to tick the box that would have been made her event private, therefore allowing everyone to see it and forward the invite further. The event was soon accepted by over 15000 people, forcing Thessa to cancel it, due to reasonable concerns.

21st Birthday Party Invitation

Soon over 1500 people showed up to her house located in Bramfeld, Germany. 100 police officers soon arrived to ensure the public safety and peace. Thessa’s parents equally hired a security firm to help manage the masses and protect their house. Despite all the security, the partygoers danced, drank and sang. Although no violence was reported, some cars were vandalized, along some bins being set on fire.

Therefore, planning is fundamental for everything to go well. That’s were Invitation Templates Free will come handy as an ultimate resource full of useful articles.

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21st birthday party invitation
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